Integrated Data Analytics Platform


IDAP is a bolt-on to your current system and is the simplest, most efficient way to access your data and use it effectively to manage your business.

UNDERSTAND your data

View your inventory through the lens of opportunity!  Identify where your claims are, discover processes where the lifecycle stalls, and view your portfolios the same way that your clients do.

INTERACT with your data

Seize the insights gained from interactive visualizations.   Blazing fast and intuitive to use-stop waiting around for your reports.  Operate tactically, transforming insights into claim-level action for your collection and legal teams.

PRESENT your data

Demonstrate key metrics to your management team, shareholders, and clients.  Show the results from your key collection strategies and efforts with compelling, story-driven visualizations.

MANAGE your team

Observe production and collection trends, as well as issues with your staff, legal network, and remote users.


IDAP (Integrated Data Analytics Platform) is an analytics tool which interfaces with your System of Record, delivering insights and providing tactical tools for managing your inventory.

Connect to multiple data sources, filter, simplify and publish the insights on personalized dashboards. Works on all device types ranging from desktop to tablets and smart phones.

Platform Highlights

Highly secured and efficient data flow and supports multiple data sources like SQL, Excel and lot more.

Platform is supported by highly advanced Microsoft POWER BI analytics tool.

Data can be represented on any device with different screen sizes.

Learn how IDAP can help your company improve reporting and inventory management to drive revenue.


  • A secured platform supported by Microsoft BI Analytics
  • Data can be custom filtered
  • Easily identify the status of your claims
  • Get real-time data updates, online
  • Highly interactive
  • Drill down to claim-level detail to immediately drive action
  • Different access and visualizations for executives, managers, and team leaders
  • Access to ongoing Provana analyst support, customization, and training

Live insight into your client-specific performance.

Easily view and track the performance and revenue drivers of your servicers

Built-in predictive modelling that learns your business and generates forecasting

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