Internal Compliance Modules

(Supports Internal Compliance Management)

Policies & Procedures Module

policies and procedure module in ipacs
  • Find and maintain the repository of policies, procedures and all related documents
  • Holds all the change management and versions of all the policies with entire history about the document
  • Timely alerts the relevant staff members of any policy updates, capturing the acknowledgements and understands the impact of daily work efforts
  • Hyperlinks navigate user to related policies governing procedures
  • Policy expirations and alerts ensure content is regularly reviewed and updated
  • Client filtering allows printing of client specific SOPs for audits
  • Online document editing facilitates easy document editing and maintenance
  • Rejection list for notifying document owners and authors about document rejections
  • Global search searches inside the content of documents across all modules of IPACS
  • Customized Cover pages and Header & Footer templates to have client ready documents
  • Reports help in tracking document approvals and user certifications

Employee Testing & Training Module

  • Administer and track compliance and regulatory tests online
  • Customize test population, dates, and frequency to ensure tests are aligned with individual’s span of responsibility
  • Store training materials related to tests for staff self-study flexibility
  • Online training repository with links to related policies and procedures
  • Reporting to track compliance with training and testing schedules and objectives
  • Random order of questions disabling counterfeiting of tests

Audit & Compliance Module

  • Define internal and external monitoring programs and audits
  • Audits linked to related operating procedures
  • Central storage for audit reports and findings with access by compliance and senior management
  • Track audit calendars with alerts to designated individuals for pending audit activities
  • Store FAQ in audits and responses to those for quick reference for future audits
  • Audit findings tracked in non-conformity log to ensure items are addressed
  • Define corrective actions, assign to individuals, and monitor remediation
  • Reporting to track internal and external audits and audit findings

Vendor Management Module

  • Maintain third party service provider information
  • Define compliance requirements by service provider category to ensure consistent compliance oversight
  • Customizable settings for each service provider to accommodate unique compliance requirements
  • Repository for service provider compliance documents with alerts for expiring and missing document
  • Prepare for client audits by easily downloading servicer material at a click of a button
  • Service provider audit management with calendars and audit results storage
  • Reports to track servicer documentation status and servicer contact details and information


vendor management module in ipacs

Complaint Management Module

Centralized Complaint Management System module in ipacs
  • Centralized repository for consumer complaints from all channels
  • Role-based permissions and customized complaint capture templates
  • IPACS alerts indicating actions needed at different stages of complaint lifecycle
  • Attach related documentation to complaint record
  • Request complaint inputs from other stakeholders or escalate critical complaints to effectively manage the complaint resolution
  • Advanced search feature to search for a specific complaint record
  • Client specific complaint reporting templates ensuring fulfilment of requirements and easy complaint reporting
  • Customizable reports and dashboards to examine complaint progress and trends
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